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Services We Provide

This video displays a sample of the work we have done throughout the years.  

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Time to check or replace those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home or business.  

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The Comfort in Having Beaches Electrical Service Inc...

A fun video reminding everyone that when we are needed, we are just a call away...

Beaches Electrical Service Inc

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Outdoor Summer Kitchen Lighting

Add a modern decor look to any counter with color-changing LED strips that Beaches Electrical Service Inc can install outside or inside the home.

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Faulty Outlets Are Disasters Waiting to Happen

Don't wait until a electrical disaster strikes. 


Call Beaches Electrical Service inc to have that faulty, sparking outlet repaired today.

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Stick With What You Do Best

A entertaining video with the theme of just do what you do best and leave all electrical issues to Beaches Electrical Service Inc.

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Don't lose power when the next storm hits Florida.  Get a GENERAC generator installed or existing generator serviced for assurance you will have power when the electric company is offline.

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